Stuck projects

IT projects of all kinds can get stuck — sometimes even before they’ve started. Or they can get stuck in a never-ending spiral, squandering time and money. And it’s more than just an IT issue — stuck IT projects can impact the long-term health of a company.

There are, of course, many causes of stuck projects. But inexperience has to be one of the biggest. While most of our clients rarely undertake large projects, for Freeman Clarke principals, it’s their bread and butter.

Here’s how Freeman Clarke can help your project get unstuck.

We establish a clear vision and plan.

The first step is to clarify the objectives and establish the basic priorities and phases. Our people act with confidence, competence, and authority; and they speak in plain language — so your leaders can quickly agree on a vision and plan of action.

We maintain genuine independence from suppliers and technologies.

We have no arrangements with or commitments to any specific solution or supplier. However, when outside help is needed, we can recommend suppliers that we know and trust. Our principals negotiate hard for their clients while being fair to suppliers. The goal is always a solid, long-term deal for our clients and strong partnership between client and supplier.

We are bespoke software experts.

Our principals have a detailed understanding of software approaches, architecture, and technology. They speak the same language as developers, while speaking in plain language to their clients.

We can take complete ownership of the entire project.

Freeman Clarke principals run everything from small-but-critical projects up to very large programs involving organizational redesigns, office moves and end-to-end system replacements. Our principals can also address all the non-technical aspects of the project, including organization, data migration, training, and process. All these stages can be trickier than the technical part of the program. And our principals have the business experience and organizational know-how to create and guide a successful new project.

Freeman Clarke is the largest and most experienced team of part-time, or fractional, IT leaders. We work exclusively with organizations looking to use IT to grow their business. For an informal conversation, contact us and we’ll be in touch.