IT Vision and Strategy

Companies often approach us because their IT seems aimless. It’s unclear how IT helps meet their business objectives or if it fits in with their strategy. The fact is that IT won’t make much of a difference to your future unless it’s part of the strategy.

IT Strategy As Part of Your Business Strategy

Companies don’t have a clear business strategy unless they have an IT strategy to match. And you can’t have an IT strategy without clear direction and ownership.

You may want to expand your digital presence to improve the customer experience, boost sales and improve loyalty. Or you may need new systems to radically streamline your processes. Whatever your plans, companies need an experienced, competent and confident IT leader on the senior team who understands the business strategy and will develop a compatible IT strategy.

Your IT may be stuck in the last decade, so your company is missing opportunities to incorporate AI, mobile apps, data analytics, or other innovations.

Innovate with IT

Many CEOs we meet have a radical idea for how to improve their business with technology, but they lack a sensible, experienced IT leader to make this happen (or to say honestly if it’s a bad idea!). We have helped a number of organizations transform their business through innovative use of IT, significantly boosting their revenues or reducing their costs.

A Comprehensive IT Strategy

An IT strategy needs to encompass digital, business applications, and IT infrastructure. One of our principals can get to grips with the issues and create a simple strategy — for a mid-market business, typically within a few days. We then focus on creating a roadmap as a basis for planning and action, rather than some document that sits on a shelf gathering dust.

IT Strategy, Delivered

Our principal’s job is to work with you to maintain the strategy, help it evolve when necessary, and most importantly, deliver on it. We’re not just strategy consultants who deliver great-looking presentations and then move onto the next client: our principals expect to be accountable for making a real difference to your business. We aim for a long-term, fruitful relationship with all our clients.