IT Team Weaknesses and Gaps

At Freeman Clarke, we meet many companies frustrated by their internal IT teams. The team may appear to talk a different language; to not understand what the business is really trying to do; or simply be inconsistent and unreliable. Sometimes CEOs approach us because they are fed up with the “computer says no” attitude.

Frustrations Can Boil Over

Many of our clients have a small internal IT team who report into a non-IT specialist, such as the CFO or COO. This can cause communications issues that can quickly become a distraction. Often the IT staff have been around for a long time, the business has grown up around them, and the frustrations have slowly but inevitably mounted. Either way, clients often come to us when this frustration is close to boiling over, and there is a feeling that the IT manager and his team are an impediment to progress.

Not surprisingly, we often find the IT team are equally frustrated. Or they feel overlooked or ignored. So there’s a pattern of dysfunction between departments and it’s impossible to move forward as a company.

The Solution: Specialist IT Management

All the members of the Freeman Clarke team have spent their entire careers managing IT staff. They’re IT specialists with serious business experience, so they will know how to clear the logjam. The IT people feel they finally have someone who understands their perspective, and the principal can also offer “translation services” between IT and non-technical executives.

An Honest Assessment of Your Needs in Your Language

Our principal will make an honest assessment of what your business may need in terms of staffing, insourcing and outsourcing. Our principal will provide frank, comprehensive, and comprehensible recommendations for how to move forward. In some cases, the IT staff only need better management. In other cases they may not have the skills or qualities to do the job right, and our principal can oversee the necessary steps to remedy the problem.

Clear Direction of the Team in Their Language

Our principal will establish an IT roadmap and other plans, so that the IT team have a clear direction to follow in their own language. Our principals provide clear, firm, and confident leadership, with clear performance measures, so that the team itself can move forward with confidence.