IT optimized for mergers, acquisitions or exit

Corporate transactions are complex by definition, requiring experienced people from all business disciplines — especially tech. Freeman Clarke principals are frequently involved in corporate transactions and due diligence, helping sellers maximize value and buyers avoid disaster.

Real World Buy-Side and Sell-Side Assessments

At Freeman Clarke, we are frequently involved in transactions based on plans for significant growth. Our principals help with pre-deal planning, assessing if estimates of targets, cost, and timeframes are realistic. We undertake due diligence projects for both buyers and sellers, providing assessments and recommendations based on real-world experience. Plus we’re accountable: Freeman Clarke principals normally remain with the business to oversee implementation of our recommendations.

“Our assessments and recommendations are based on real-world experience.”

Using Due Diligence to Prepare Businesses for Medium- or Long-Term Exit

Many of our clients first contact us looking for an IT environment that will drive growth. They also may look to prepare their IT for exit in the medium- or long-term. With our long history in buy-side due diligence, our principals can drive plans with an eye on the checklist that a potential buyer will have in the years to come.

Due diligence encompasses a wide range of issues, such as ownership of bespoke software; ensuring the flexibility to switch suppliers or staff; or ensuring confidentiality commitments to clients. It may also include compliance issues like data privacy.

Long-term preparation for due diligence may be based on creating a digital strategy that allows you to reposition your business closer to tech valuations. Investments in machine learning, robotic software, data analytics and bots for customer service can demonstrate that your business is scalable.

Or it may simply be a case of ensuring that your IT is fit and secure so that it doesn’t scare off potential buyers!

Ultimately, Freeman Clarke is has the expertise and experience that make for successful transactions.