CTOs for software and digital

Many businesses are using custom software and digital initiatives to drive sales, increase efficiency or improve service. Some are disrupting entire markets on the back of digitised, automated platforms, particularly in the financial services, health, insurance, property, retail and payments sectors.

“We make these changes happen. Our CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) engage on a flexible basis, to own and drive software solutions and deliver digital transformations.”

A quiet revolution

Quietly, a number of factors have been lining up to drive this change. Consumer expectations are changing as smartphones and connectivity are now the norm and people’s trust in the web has grown. For any business now, if your plans don’t include mobile and social media then you don’t really have a plan!

The value of successful new ventures is being recognised and success stories are driving further interest for entrepreneurs.

And at the same time, new cloud platforms and tools means that start-up costs are far lower, more flexible and less capital intensive.

CTOs are notoriously difficult to hire

But experienced and commercially astute CTOs are notoriously difficult to find.

Very few individuals have the magic combination of technical and real business experience, and knowledge of business sectors.

Interim culture is based on a “hired gun” mentality. Some companies, especially early stage, look to recruit CTOs at less than market rate but with the promise of equity, but this approach is often compelling but invariably attracts the inexperienced.

“Often the CTO will be asked to represent the company in front of investors, clients and business partners. Credibility and experience dealing with these types of situations becomes increasingly important as the business grows and the stakes get higher.”

Some companies end up relying on one of the directors run the software team even though they are not software experts so their understanding of the issues is not strong, and their patience with developers generally begins to wear thin very quickly!

At worst, companies have no CTO and rely on outsourced providers, consultants or run a software development team with a lead developer but no higher level technical direction.

Freeman Clarke – a unique pool of CTOs

We are the UK’s largest and most experienced team of IT leaders including hugely experienced and credible CTOs who have the broad range of experience needed.